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Software consulting
for web and cloud

Hey, I’m Markus. I’m an independent consultant for software projects using web and cloud technologies, as well as large language models.

I help companies big and small solve their business problems with software.

Looking for something in particular?

  • Guidance on how to move (parts of) an application to the cloud?
  • An overview of what large language models could do in your business?
  • An embedded expert in your team for a short period?
  • A roadmap for a new cloud project?
  • A concrete cloud architecture?
  • Development of your Go app?
  • Something else?

Then let’s talk. Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.

Picture of Markus.


Cloud migration for Boligsiden

I was a leading consultant for moving Boligsiden to a cloud-based system, enabling faster development of the product and better use of all their real estate market data.

(Boligsiden is the largest Danish search engine for the real estate market.)

Markus’ technical proficiency and excellent communication skills make him a cornerstone of any software development team.

Markus is able to single-handedly own key deliverables, working alongside product owners to understand business needs, and ensuring that they are implemented on schedule in a technically sound manner.

Markus works across the entire software development lifecycle. From the nitty-gritty details of coding and data modelling, to architecting and implementing cloud infrastructure, to operational excellence and sensible processes.

Working with Markus is a pleasure, and I would highly recommend any team looking to deliver serious software to onboard Markus.

— Lasse Hels, tech lead on the project.

Storage Infrastructure at Uber

I worked as a software engineer on the storage platform team at Uber. My main responsibilities were to build and run software to automatically operate Uber’s realtime storage systems at scale.


I enjoy building products. Some are paid, some are free, some are big, some are small. All of them deliver value.

  • I build online Go courses over at golang.dk.
  • transskriber.dk is an automated transcription service built on OpenAI's Whisper, with the language model running on my own machines.
  • mødelokaler.com is a small meeting room booking web app.
  • gomponents is a popular open source library for building web frontends in Go.
  • goqite is a popular open source library for a persistent message queue in Go, backed by SQLite.